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(member of the sepioloid family of cephalopods)
  • The stubby squid which have very high oxygen uptake by any standerds. In these animals, heart beat frequency is tempeature dependent and the additional oxygen demand an excersise is met very largly by a 2 to 3 fold increase in stoke volume. With the exception of Nautiolus, chepelapods tend to utalise nearly all of the oxygen transported in the blood even at rest. The stubby squid formed a breathing hole while buried and probably formed a breathing chamber by consolidating substrate grains with mucus, which may be primary use of its mucus.
  • Thestubby squid like most cephalopods have a powerful saliva for digesting there meals and this may be injected into the food to partialy digest the food befure it is consumed.Stubby squids also have venom(cephalotoxin)that is usede to incapacitate  the food .They inhabit shrimp beds.80%of there diet consist of shrimp although crabs,mysids,small fishes,and cephalopods are also eaten by the stubby squid.
  • Both male and female stubby squids die after mating (there is no such thing as safe sex for these animals) The female lays 20-25 eggs about a cm in diameter on clam shells, sponge masses or the underside of over-hanging rocks, then she dies.
  • The stubby squid has eight suckered arms and two long tentacles. But they do not have a quill or cuttlebone for internal body support.
  • The stubby squid lives at depths that range from shalloew waters down to 300 meters or more.
  • Adult stubby squids feed onb shrimp, which are usually abdundant on their ocean floor home.



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Kristi,Andrea,and Bridgette play tag with Stubby fishes