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Essential functions

  • Respiratory

         S tubby squids have very high oxygen uptakes. Heartbeat frequency is temperature-dependant and the additional oxygen demand in excercise is met very largely by a 2-3-fold increase in stoke volume.They use all of the oxygen transported in the blood even at rest.The squid forms a breathing hole while buried and forms a breath chamber by consolidating substrate grains with mucus,which is a primary use of its mucus.

  • Digestion

         The stubby squid has a powerful saliva for digesting their meals and this may be injected into the food to partially digest the food before it is consumed. They also have vanom (cephalotovin) that is used to incapacitate their food. They inhabit shrimp beds : over 80% of their diet consists of shrimp, alothough crabs, mysids, small fishes, and other cephalopods are also eaten.

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Kristi,Andrea,and Bridgette play tag with Stubby fishes